Practice of colloquial Russian in Belarus


Language tour to Belarus
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We invite you to visit Belarus.

About us

We`re a team of young enthusiastic native – speakers who`ve got an education in the area of teaching English and Russian as a foreign language.

We don`t use boring books and lecture rooms for studies, but sure that the best way to study the language is to immerse into the lifestyle of local people and to communicate with them. With us you`ll travel around Belarus and will get acquainted with its history, culture and mindset. We organize an accommodation in a countryside, surrounded by forest. You`ll experience such traditional things as Russian Sauna and Samogon (home-made vodka). Also together we`ll cook and try traditional food of the region, such as draniki and mochanka.We`ll tell you all the things about the real life here.

At the end of the tour YOU will:

- improve your Russian skills
- get acquainted with the culture and the mindset of the country
Also WE will refresh our English communicative skills. And the best point FOR BOTH SIDES is that we`ll meet a lot of interesting people and make new friends.
During the tour we`ll be always together as the whole team. By the way, you may use our program for team-building (as an incentive-tour).

Importance of Russian language

Many people learn Russian language to find opportunities in different areas. It is obligatory to know Russian in many leading companies to be able to negotiate with Russian speaking partners. Russian speakers stretch from the EU borders to the Pacific Ocean and the Black Sea.

Belarus is the country, where Russian is a state language. Around 90% of population speak it in their day-to-day life. You don’t have to travel to Russia to learn Russian.

The price of the participation in our tour: 330 EUR

Our Contacts

LTD "Vremia Fantasy"

St. Kirova, 19-63, Minsk, 220030, Belarus

Reg.№ 190218795
Certificate of state registration issued by the Minsk City Executive Committee on 12.08.2005

Office hours: 10.00 - 18.00
Mon-Fri Sat. - day off

Phone: +375-29-945-20-53

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