FANTASY HOLIDAY - Practice of spoken Russian in Belarus

Practice of colloquial Russian in Belarus

Our team


I`m always glad to help you and to answer all the questions about the tour.


I`m an optimist and a leader. I believe in kindness and friendship. I think that there must be no borders in the world.


The force of light leads me through the Universe. I taught a lot of young learners. May the force be with you.


I'm very active girl! My life is a permanent motion. I`m a senior of Minsk State Linguistic University.


I am a student of Minsk State Linguistic University. My interests are spectrally wide that’s why any topic won’t be left without attention.


I love sports and active games. I like communication, especially making new friends.

Our company

LTD "Vremya Fantasy" is an agency that provides wide range of services in the area of tourism and additional education.

We are known as the credible and responsible partner since credibility is the main principal that our company is based on. Several projects have been successfully undertaken by our company since 2005, when our company entered the service market.

Fantasy Tours is the brand under which we offer tour products. Our company is a certified tour operator and tour agent in all fields of tourism.

Fantasy Camp is the brand under which we organise a summer international camp for kids.

Fantasy camp is a specialized camp, in the concept of which, many types of additional education for kids and adolescents have been developed and applied. Our main partner in this area is Minsk state linguistic university, students of which are constant participants of the project.

Information about the camp can be found on https://fantasytours.by

Fantasy Holiday is the brand under which we offer language tour for those who would like to speak Russian and interested in culture and mindset of Eastern Europe people. Our program can be used for team building (incentive – tour).

3D tour of the company`s office and street.

Our Contacts

LTD "Vremia Fantasy"

Kirova street, 19-63, Minsk,
220030, Belarus

Certificate of state registration issued by the Minsk City Executive Committee on 12.08.2005
Reg.# 190218795

Office hours: 10.00 - 18.00
Monday-Friday. Sat. - day off

Phone: +375-29-945-20-53

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram: +375-29-945-20-53