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Practice of colloquial Russian in Belarus

Information about Belarus

Republic of Belarus

Belarus is the country which is rich for the history and cultural traditions. Belarus is famous for its lakes and forests: that is why it is called “Lungs of the Europe”. Here you will see wide avenues and small old streets, catholic and orthodoxal churches, ancient castles and wood houses (in the countryside). Also you will enjoy tasty belarussian cuisine.

Belarus is located in the very center of Europe and borders on 5 countries; Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. Belarus does not have a sea port, but it is an important trade and transport corridor between Europe and CIS because of its location.

The official name is the Republic of Belarus. The capital and the biggest city of the country is Minsk. Population of Belarus is 9.5 mln people.

Climate and weather

Temperate continental climate of Belarus is formed under the influence of the Atlantic air. Usually winter is mild and not extremely cold, and summer is temperately warm, but not hot.

The air temperature depends on the region of Belarus. In summer the middle temperature is about 22°C; in January it is about -4,5°C at the southwest and about -8°C at the northeast.

Map of Belarus

Belarus map

Unique nature of Belarus.

Belarussian forests occupy 65% of the whole territory. There are 20,000 of rivers and more than 10,000 of lakes. You can see picturesque lakes at Belarussian Poozjorye. The main sight of this category is lake Naroch (79sq.km). That is why our country is called "Blue-eyed Belarus".


State languages are Russian and Belarussian. The other ones (Polish, Ukrainian, Hebrew etc.) are used in small language groups.


The state currency is Belarussian rouble (BYN). The most common foreign currencies are RUB, USD, EUR.

Belarussian Currency

Telephone communications

International calls: "8", wait for the beep, "10", country code, city code, phone number.

Useful numbers:
101 – rescue service
102 - police
103 - ambulance

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